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Charles Gleyre


Charles Gleyre

(b Chevilly, nr Lausanne, 2 May 1806; d Paris, 5 May 1874).

Swiss painter and teacher, active in France. While many of his pictures appear academic in technique and subject, they often treat subjects that are new or imaginatively selected in a manner that betrays varied artistic influences. With his contemporaries Paul Delaroche and Thomas Couture, he helped to create the juste-milieu compromise style of painting. Adept in classical and biblical subjects, Gleyre also ventured into historical iconography, employing Swiss rather than French historical events, as well as genre motifs and sometimes obscure original themes. His influence was immense through his art and his teaching, which helped to form the Néo-Grec school of the Second Empire.







Daphnis and Chloe Returning from the Mountain


Oriental Lady


Le retour de l'Enfant prodigue


Le Coucher de Sapho


Maiden and Cupid


The Bath

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