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Francisco de Goya

"Life and Work"





Early Years (1746-1773)


Move to Madrid (1774-1783)


Artist to Nobility (1783-1791)


Crisis and a New Start (1792-1798)


The Sleep of Reason (1797-1799)




The Height of Fame (1799-1807)


Times of War (1808-1818)




The "Black Paintings" (1819-1823)




Exile in France (1824-1828)









Paintings  by Francisco de Goya

1819 - 1828


Francisco de Goya
The Last Communion of St Joseph of Calasanz

Oil on canvas, 250 x 180 cm
Escuelas Pías de San Antón, Madrid


Francisco de Goya
Christ on the Mount of Olives

Oil on panel, 47 x 35 cm
Escuelas Pías de San Antón, Madrid


Francisco de Goya
The Forge

c. 1819
Oil on canvas, 191 x 121 cm
Frick Collection, New York


Francisco de Goya
Portrait of Juan Antonio Cuervo

Oil on canvas, 120 x 87 cm
Museum of Art, Cleveland


Francisco de Goya
Tiburcio Perez y Cuervo

Oil on canvas, 102 x 81 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, new York


Francisco de Goya
Infante Don Sebastian Gabriel de Borbon y Braganza

Oil on canvas, 144 x 105 cm
Private collection


Francisco de Goya
Portrait of Ramon Satue

Oil on canvas, 104 x 81,3 cm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


Francisco de Goya
Portrait of the Poet Moratin

Oil on canvas, 60 x 49,5 cm
Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao


Francisco de Goya
St Peter Repentant

Oil on canvas, 29 x 25,5 cm
Phillips Collection, Washington


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