Neoclassicism and Romanticism


(Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map)





Francisco de Goya

"Life and Work"





Early Years (1746-1773)


Move to Madrid (1774-1783)


Artist to Nobility (1783-1791)


Crisis and a New Start (1792-1798)


The Sleep of Reason (1797-1799)




The Height of Fame (1799-1807)


Times of War (1808-1818)




The "Black Paintings" (1819-1823)




Exile in France (1824-1828)







Qual la descanonan!

How They Pluck Her!




Poor Little Girls!



Aquellos polbos

Those Specks of Dust



Nohubo remedio

Nothing Could Be Done

About It



Si quebro el Cantaro

Yes, Her Broke the Pot



Ya tienen asiento

They Already have a Seat



Quien mas rendido

Which of Them Is More








Esto si que es leer

That Certainly Is Being

Able to Read



Porque esconderlos!

Why Hide Them?



Ruega por ella

She Prays for Her



Po que fue sensible

Because She Was




Al Conde Palatino

To the Count Palatine

Count of the Palate



Las rinde el Sueno

Sleep Overcomes Them



Le descanona

She Fleeces Him

Mala noche

A Bad Night

Si sabra mas el discipulo?

Might Not the Pupil

Know More?



Asta su abuelo

And So Was his Grandfather

De que mal morira?

Of What Ill Will He Die?

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