Neoclassicism and Romanticism


(Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map)





Francisco de Goya

"Life and Work"





Early Years (1746-1773)


Move to Madrid (1774-1783)


Artist to Nobility (1783-1791)


Crisis and a New Start (1792-1798)


The Sleep of Reason (1797-1799)




The Height of Fame (1799-1807)


Times of War (1808-1818)




The "Black Paintings" (1819-1823)




Exile in France (1824-1828)








Francisco de Goya

"Disasters of War"

Los desastres de la guerra


The Populace

He Deserved It

Ravages of War

That Is Strong!


What More Can be Done?

On Account of a Penknife

Nobody Knows Why

Nor This

This Is Still Worse


Wonderful Heroism!

Against Dead Men!

He Exults in His Penknife
They Escape Through

the Flames

Everything's Going Wrong

And This Too

I Saw This


And That Too


This is Bad


Thus It Happened


Cruel Suffering!


A Woman's Charity


Unhappy Mother!


Thanks to the Chick-Pea


They Won't Arrive in Time


He Died Without Aid


Vain Laments


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