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Pierre-Henri Revoil



Pierre-Henri Revoil

(b Lyon, 12 June 1776; d Lyon, 19 March 1842).

French painter and collector. He entered the Ecole de Dessin in Lyon around 1791 as a pupil of Alexis Grognard (1752–1840). He then became a designer in a wallpaper factory. In 1795 he began working in Jacques-Louis David’s studio, where, with Fleury Richard, Comte Auguste de Forbin, François-Marius Granet and Louis Ducis, he belonged to what David’s pupils called the ‘parti aristocratique’. In 1800 he published with Forbin, who remained a friend, a comedy that was performed at the Théâtre du Vaudeville, Sterne à Paris, ou le voyageur sentimental. In 1802, on the occasion of the laying of the first stone of the Place Bellecoeur in Lyon by the First Consul, Révoil executed a large and elaborately allegorical drawing, Bonaparte Rebuilding the Town of Lyon (preparatory drawings, Paris, Louvre, and Lyon, Mus. B.-A.), which was the basis for a painting exhibited in the Salon of 1804 (destr. by the artist, 1816). During the same period he composed a number of religious paintings, for example In Honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Christ on the Cross (both Lyon, St Nizier). In 1807 Révoil was appointed a teacher in the recently founded Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. His teaching was marked by considerable erudition and contributed to the birth of the ‘Lyon school’, which came to the fore in the 1820s.



Le roi de Navarre et la mere de Henri IV ;
Antoine de Bourbon donnant ses joyaux a Jeanne d'Albret


Saint Louis se confessant a l'abbe de Montmajour ;
 Saint Bernard et Louis VII d'Aquitaine (ancien titre)


Pharamond, Eleve sur le pavois par les Francs


La Convalescence de Bayard


Henri IV et ses enfants


Philippe Auguste Prend L'Oriflamme a Saint-Denis, 24 juin 1190


Bonaparte relevant la ville de Lyon


Scene de peche du temps de François Ier


Personnages en costume du XVIe siecle


Personnages en costume du XVIe siecle


Personnages en costume du XVIe siecle


Vendangeurs en costumes du XVIe siecle


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