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Pompeo Batoni



Pompeo Batoni

(b Lucca, 25 Jan 1708; d Rome, 4 Feb 1787).

Italian painter and draughtsman. In his day he was the most celebrated painter in Rome and one of the most famous in Europe. For nearly half a century he recorded the visits to Rome of international travellers on the GRAND TOUR in portraits that remain among the most memorable artistic accomplishments of the period. He was equally gifted as a history painter, and his religious and mythological paintings were sought after by the greatest princes of Europe.



Portrait of Charles Crowle

Oil on canvas, 248 x 172 cm
Musee du Louvre, Paris



Oil on canvas, 138 x 100 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg


Diana & Cupid
oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Susanna and the Elders

Oil on canvas
Civici Musei, Pavia


Mercury Crowning Philosophy, ''Mother'' of the Arts


Hercules at the Crossroads


Hercules at the Crossroads


Venus Presenting Aeneas with Armour Forged by Vulcan


The Continence of Scipio


Thetis Takes Achilles from the Centaur Chiron

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