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(b Venice, 17 Oct 1697; d Venice, 10 April 1768).

Italian painter, etcher and draughtsman. He was the most distinguished Italian view painter of the 18th century. Apart from ten years spent in England he lived in Venice, and his fame rests above all on his views (vedute) of that city; some of these are purely topographical, others include festivals or ceremonial events. He also painted imaginary views (capriccios), although the demarcation between the real and the invented is never quite clearcut: his imaginary views often include realistically depicted elements, though in unexpected surroundings, and in a sense even his Venetian vedute are imaginary. He never merely re-created reality. He was highly successful with the English, helped in this by the British connoisseur JOSEPH SMITH, whose own large collection of Canaletto’s works was sold to King George III in 1762. The British Royal Collection has the largest group of his paintings and drawings.


Venice: The Piazzetta Looking South-west towards S. Maria della Salute

Oil on canvas, 172,1 x 136,2 cm
Royal Collection, Windsor


The Piazzetta, Looking toward the Clock Tower

Oil on canvas, 172 x 135 cm
Royal Collection, Windsor


Grand Canal: The Rialto Bridge from the South

c. 1727
Oil on copper, 45,5 x 62,5 cm
Private collection


The Stonemason's Yard

Oil on canvas, 124 x 163 cm
National Gallery, London


The Grand Canal from Campo S. Vio towards the Bacino

Oil on canvas, 46 x 77,5 cm
Royal Collection, Windsor


View of San Giovanni dei Battuti at Murano

Oil on canvas, 66 x 127,5 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg


Rio dei Mendicanti: Looking South

c. 1725
Oil on canvas, 69,5 x 97,5 cm
Gemaldegalerie, Dresden


The Molo: Looking West

Oil on canvas, 55 x 102 cm
Private collection

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