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Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin


Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin

(b Paris, 2 Nov 1699; d Paris, 6 Dec 1779).

French painter. He rose from a relatively humble background to become one of the most admired painters of mid-18th-century France and to hold the influential position of Treasurer of the Académie Royale. His austere still-lifes and bourgeois domestic genre scenes were highly praised by Diderot in his Salon reviews, and, though his reputation went into decline after his death, Chardin was by the middle of the 19th century once again among the most highly esteemed of French painters. His works and technique continued to find particular favour with artists and connoisseurs. Although he is often referred to as Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, there is no documentary evidence to confirm this additional name.




Musée du Louvre, Paris


The Copper Drinking Fountain

c. 1734
Oil on wood, 28,5 x 23 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


The Attributes of Painting and Sculpture

c. 1728
Oil on canvas, 64 x 92 cm
Private collection


The Ray

Oil on canvas, 114 x 146 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


The Buffet

Oil on canvas, 194 x 129 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


The Silver Tureen

c. 1728
Oil on canvas, 76,2 x 108 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Game Still-Life with Hunting Dog

c. 1730
Oil on canvas, 172 x 139 cm
Private collection


A "Lean Diet" with Cooking Utensils

Oil on canvas, 33 x 41 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


The Young Schoolmistress

c. 1736
Oil on canvas, 61,5 x 66,5 cm
National Gallery, London


The Draughtsman

Oil on canvas, 81 x 64 cm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin


Still-Life with Pipe an Jug

c. 1737
Oil on canvas, 32,5 x 40 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


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