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Anton Raphael Mengs



Anton Raphael Mengs

(b Ústi nad Labem [Ger. Aussig], Bohemia (now in Czech Republic), 12 March 1728; d Rome, 29 June 1779).

Painter and writer, brother of Theresia Concordia Mengs. His early career was at the Dresden court; thereafter he worked principally in Rome and Madrid, notably on the frescoes at the Villa Albani and the Palacio Real respectively. As an early exponent of Neo-classicism he produced some impressive classical and religious scenes, though he was most accomplished as a portrait painter. Under the influence of Johann Joachim Winckelmann he also wrote some theoretical works, of which the most important is the Gedanken über die Schönheit und über den Geschmack in der Malerey (1762). Although acclaimed during his lifetime, he was later regarded as an unimaginative eclectic, a view that continues to be widely held.





San Giovanni Battista che predica


Madonna della Sedia (Copia da Raffaello)


Nascita di Cristo


Noli Me Tangere


San Pedro predicando


Santa Cecilia


Santa Maria Maddalena in una grotta


Santa Maria Maddalena penitente


Santa Maria Maddalena penitente con una croce


Un apostol


Un apostol


Allegory of History


Giove bacia Ganimede


Giudizio di Paride


Perseo e Andromeda




Semiramide accoglie la notizia della rivolta babilonese

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