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Sebastiano Ricci




(b Belluno, bapt 1 Aug 1659; d Venice, 15 May 1734).

Painter and draughtsman. He painted light and colourful religious, historical and mythological subjects with a fluid, painterly touch. His rediscovery of Paolo Veronese, whose settings and costumes he borrowed, was important to later Venetian painters. Sebastiano was an itinerant artist, celebrated throughout Europe.


Altar of St Gregory the Great

Oil on canvas
Basilica di S. Giustina, Padua


Madonna and Child with Saints

Oil on canvas, 406 x 208 cm
San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice


Paul III Appointing His Son Pier Luigi to Duke of Piacenza and Parma

c. 1687
Oil on canvas
Museo Civico, Palazzo Farnese, Piacenza


Fall of Phaeton

Oil on canvas
Museo Civico, Belluno


The Punishment of Cupid

Oil on canvas
Palazzo Marucelli-Fenzi, Florence


Susanna and the Elders

Oil on canvas, 83,2 x 102,2 cm
Collection of Lord Chatsworth, Chatsworth


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