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Leon Frederic




Leon Frederic

(b Brussels, 26 Aug 1856; d Schaarbeek, 27 Jan 1940).

Belgian painter and draughtsman. He studied briefly under Charle-Albert before attending the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, where he became a pupil of Jules Vankeirsbilck (1833–96) and Ernest Slingeneyer (1820–94), also working in the studio of Jean-François Portaels. In 1878 he went to Italy with the sculptor Julien Dillens; he stayed there for over a year, making numerous studies after the artists of the Quattrocento. In 1878 he made his début at the Triennial Salon in Brussels and became a member of the group of Realist painters known as L’ESSOR. The very early work still shows the influence of E. Wauters (1846–1933), with whom he collaborated on the Panorama of Cairo (untraced).


The tryptych

"The Age of the Worker"



The Ages of the Working Man


The Ages of the Working Man


The Ages of the Working Man







Old Servant Woman




Portrait d'Eugene Frederic


Les ames sous le regard divin


Portrait d'Elodie Lamotte


Les marchands de craie. Volet gauche : Le matin. Centre : Midi. Volet droit : Le soir
Les fillettes Les garcons
Les fiances Les vieillards

Le tisserand


Le retour de la procession


Le semeur

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